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Human Habits that drive Cats crazy

Tuesday Apr 03, 2007 10:56:00 AM

1. Blaring Music (Cats do not like loud noises.)
2. People tossing and turning in bed
3. Yelling and raising your voice
4. Superstressed people (Cats can sense this more readily than one would believe.)
5. Dirty Litter Boxes
6. Tardy (late) feedings
7. The three C's: Car, Carrier, Clinic
8. Ill mannered children
9. Adopting another cat or dog (rabbit, small human, etc.) *
10. Forced affection

* If you wish to adopt bird, fish, mouse or rat, that fine, but do not cry if we eat.

I have to say my Human Bean is pretty good about loud noises and the like. If she want to listen to loud music, she puts on her earphones. She is considerate of her neighbors that way, which is more than I cans ay for the neighbors. She doesn't really yell, except once in a while when she get mad and frustrated with another human, but she does not yet all me. She stress, just like stress sometimes, but she not really a hyper person. So 1,3 and 4 doen't usually bother me unless the neighbors are doing something and I am outside. But then I can escape inside, where it quite. But this also why I do not like fireworks (loud noises) although thunderstorms do not bother me.

Tossing in turning in bed - I swear, if Bean clock me in head with big feet again I will bite her toes off. This drives me nuts. I get all settled down and she moves. Then I get all settled down and she moves again. Just go do sleep already! It's supposed to be restful activity, you're not supposed to bounce around like you running a marthaon! Most annoying thing, I tell you!

I go outside to use bathroom a lot, and I do not make such a mess in the little box that it need be cleaned every single day, but I like nice tidy litter box when I want to build sandcastles. Get off lazy behind and clean the thing! Is this asking too much. Most annoying thing, I tell you!

She feed me everyday, almost right on schedule, so I not complain. I try to get food earlier some days, but she won't fall for it. Must be after 5 and before 6 o'clock for dinner. Otherwise, I have dry food for whenever I want it.

The three C's...most annoying thing, I tell you! I hate car, I hate carrier and I hate going to clinic. She say maybe she take me to PetSupermarket so I can pick out my own toys, but when she stopped on Sunday on her way back from baseball game it was a mess. Turned out it was "vet day". I so happy she not take me. She get me treat though. So see, I do not need the three C's. Most annoying thing, I tell you!

I do not have any small humans here. However, I do not like small humans and stay away from them. They want to treat like toy and I not toy. I know calico dilute that love her small human. She go everywhere with it, lets it pick her up in most uncomforatable ways, lets her dress it like doll and when day over, sleeps in bed with it. She go outside so she could leave if she wanted, but she like small human. So fine, that her. I would not tolerate. Most annoying thing, I tell you!

As for forced affection, I get done grooming, I ready for evening nap. No kissy, kissy, no cuddling, no petting of nice clean fur and getting your human germs all over it. I want to sleep. Leave alone. You can do kissy, kissy, cuddle, cuddle when I feel like it. Most annoying thing, I tell you!

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Posted By: Diamond Emerald-Eyes 2007/04/10 08:20:10 PM
I do not take bath in water. I would scratch and bite if someone tired to make me do that. I spend 30% of my time grooming anyway, I don't need bath.

Posted By: Belle 2007/04/09 10:32:03 PM
you should add kitty baths to your list of annoying human tricks. Mine makes us go to the groomer because we have long hair. She says it is because of her allergies, but I think she just like VERY annoying

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