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Cat as Demigod

Monday Apr 09, 2007 12:27:00 PM

Aladdin and Zoe from Myers Zoo use old quote that "Thousands of years ago, Cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this."

This is true, and I say, once a god - or in this case a demigod - then always one. But the story goes something like this.

Cats became domesticated about 5,000 years ago in Egypt. The Egyptians grew a great deal of grain, and the grain attracted mice, rats and other vermin. The mice and rats in turn attracted small African wildCats who came and caught and ate them. The humans found this usefull, and so they began offering tokens to Cats to keep the around...fish heads and the like.

So the Cats stick around. Eventually some moved in with people and became household pets.

The Egyptians flourished and grew even more grain, which in turn attracted more vermin. This created a problem because there was more vermin than the working Cats could handle, so the Pharoh, who was considered a living God in Eygpt felt he needed to do something. He knew people would not want to give up their beloved house Cats.

He come up with an idea. Being a God, he declared the Cats Demigods. Since a meer human could not own a Demigod, this made the humans caretakers for the Cats and the Cats in turn actually belong to Pharoh. It was declared that part of the worship of the Cats was to take the Cat to a designated grainery and leave it overnight.

So the Egyptians do this, and the Cats of course, keep the rats in check.

It is well known that the Egyptians also worshiped the Cat Goddess Bastet, who was goddess of love and fertility. Obviously Cats are very loving and we also can have several litters of kittens a year, making us quite the experts on reproduction.

The problem with the worship of Cats is that it was illegal to export them, so it took a while before a few were smuggled out of Egypt and made their way over to Europe. But being very fertile, and having found a steady food supply in rats and mice, they quickly multiplied.

Europeans see the value in Cats as well and they quickly became known as companions of the Norse Godess Freya, and pulled her chariot. Of couse, in order to do this, they must be devine beings, and therefore, Demigods.

All was well until the Christians came along. Nothing against Chevy and other Fuuurrrriends who worship crucified God, but Catholic Church be a real pain in the backend for Cats through the centuries.

Freya was declared a demon and so Cats were also declared a harmfull animal. The executions of the poor Cats that followed nearly wiped out domestic Cat. But Cat Demigod not without power. As the Catholics waged their war against Felines, rats return and this time, they carry bubonic plague.

Humans get so busy dying from plague, that they not plague Cats anymore and of course, being fertile, Cats go forth and multiply again.

Unfortunately, humans still not learn lesson from this. Black Cats, who were especially loved of Bastet - black being a normally occuring mutation in first domestic cats just as they are in current day leopards - were persecuted by Catholic Church. However, enough escape that populations not decline too much from this, for ships needed cats for ocean voyages. Cats migrate to North America this way.

In modern times, we find Chinese people eating Cats and Dogs and because of this they use poison on grains to kill rodents. This poison gets into food suppy and kills Cats and Dogs and causes great pain and suffering to many humans who lose their beloved companions because of this. If Cats and Rat Terrors not treated as food in China and left to do their business, such rodentcides not be necessary and no one else get hurt.

(Diamond still say we should all eat Chinese in turn to make up for tainted foods, they readily available in America in Chinese restaurants. Fair is fair. And humans nothing but tiger meat anyway. I read that in Calvin and Hobbs cartoon.)

If Cats allowed to do their sacred duties and humans understood their roles better as lowly caretaker of Demigod Cat, there would be certainly far less trouble in the world today. (My human worship me quite well. If only she would worship me less with video camera. If she keeps it up, she will get her ankles bitten!)

Learn your lessons from history, and remember then humans, that Cats are Deity and treat them as such, before we sick plague on you again.

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Posted By: Belle 2007/04/09 10:24:32 PM
Purrrfect! There is something to that sacred duty thing.... we have one of the few rodent free homes on the open space. Something about 3 maine coons makes the vermin quiver.... hee hee

Posted By: 2007/04/09 08:21:55 PM
very interesting, we learned something today:)

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