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Happy Special Black Cat Holiday!

Friday Apr 13, 2007 10:16:00 AM

Good morning Fuuuurrriends, I have many happy things to share with you today.

First of all, Happy Special Black Cat Holiday. From now on, all Friday the 13th are Special Black Cat Holidays, by declairation of Her Imperial Majesty, Diamond Emerald-Eyes Precious Black Cat, Queen Empress of the Universe and Slayer of Fowl Beasties.

Right now it only all Cat holiday, but I will make more up as I go along.

All Black Cats get special toys, special treats, and lots and lots of special petting and attention today. Because all Cats suffer in the middle ages at the hands of Evil Christian Cat Haters, all Cats may celebrate this holiday, although it is extra special if you are a black Cat or even a mostly black Cat.

Remind your humans to be extra kind to black Cats today, so they will benefit from the luck that Black Cats will give them. Obviously, you do not wish Black Cats to withhold their luck, or even worse, take it away from you, so they must be very kind to Black Cats.

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The next order of business is that I make new group on Petsplaces.com called Diamond's Dubious Distinctions. This is a contest group with a bit of a twist to its tail. We'll be running some odd contests. Winners will get a special black Cat graphic to post on their site. I will post a sample of it to the group homepage as soon as I invent it.

Our first contests will be the Flash Monster Contest and the Great Girth Contest. I know some of you have the prefect entries for these contests, so join up and lets see those pictures! Post, post, post!

I'll be adding new ones as I make them up - although I already have a few made up. I just don't want to overwhelm everyone all at once.

Next my good friends Snarff and Trixie have joined Petsplace.com. Snarff is a beautiful Himalyan Cat who just went through a very tough time in his life with F.U.S., so he needs lots of love and your friendship. Trixie is a very Caty girl who will leave you laughing with her caustic remarks. Together we be worse than a pack of hyenas.

Make sure you add them and welcome them into all the fun we have at Petsplaces.com.

Human pull her back out last night. Figures, just when I start getting her healthy, so goes and does something again. Anyway, I knead her last night and she is lying there, whimpering about it. "How is sticking your claws in my supposed to make me feel better?"

What? Accupuncture - Ancient Chinese Medicine. Works very well. I surprised she not know this.

I have to get her in shape to go to ballpark tonight. She has fan club at ballpark I hear. I did not know she this popular. It was first game of series against Blue Jays, so we shall see if my vendetta against the species has helped the team out any.

I also notice in baseball program that May 16th is Islands Night with special appearance by Sanibel and Captiva. I think if Sanibel and Captiva going to put in appearance at ballgame, they should rename it PetsPlaces night, but then, humans always get things named wrong.

Bennie, I sorry, but neither Atlanta or Tampa Bay do well in hockey playoffs so far. Our local team starts playoff tonight against Charlotte, which is Rangers Affiliate. Bean was hoping that with Panthers out of playoffs that they would return our goalie, but so far, they have not done this. I suspect it will be short playoff appearance for local team anyway.

I think that about all for today. Enjoy your special Black Cat Holiday and your weekend if I do not purr to you before then.

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