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The Kill

Sunday May 06, 2007 06:46:00 PM

Trixie ask if I want to catch some mice, so....

There are three technics that Cats use to kill a prey animal. All kittens know these technics at birth and you will see them using them in their play. However while all Cats know these moves instinctively, knowing how using them successfully in hunting is a different matter.

Learning how to hunt is something taught to Kittens, usually by their mother. If the mother cat is house cat that never learned to hunt, then her kittens will not know how to hunt either. They know the moves, but not how to apply them.

I learned hunting from human, who used toys to teach me, in much the same way the mother cat would teach her kittens. I did not know she spoke as much cat as she does. But she is very smart, for a human.

Anyway the three "final strike" technics are:

The Pounce: The pounce is used mainly on mice and small rodents, delivering a sharp, heavy blow to the spine that paralizes the prey so that the Cat may finish it off without any danger to itself.

The Fling & Leap: This move is where the prey is flung into the air and the Cat leaps after it. This move is often used on birds when used as a hunting technic, as the leaping part can be used to trap a prey animal as it attempts to take flight. Flinging it up and bringing it down again, shatters the fragil bones in the birds and prevents them from escaping the Cat.

The Over the Shoulder Spin: In this move, the Cat throws the prey over its shoulder, and then spins around quickly to catch it. This is a useful move in fishing, as tossing the prey over the shoulder will get it out the nasty wet water and on the bank, where it can be handled properly.

I will now demonstrate these moves:

I try hard to make this clean kill, I sorry I get some blood on floor. It happens.

Cats are not cruel creatures. It is natural for us to hunt, just as it is natural for humans to get overly sentimental about the things we hunt. But this is not pet animal I kill, it is pest animal that would damage things in my human's house, eat my foods, and carry fleas and other unpleasant diseases. So it must be taken care of properly.

That is my job. I am trained professional.

Mouse police never sleeps.

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Posted By: Luna 2007/05/07 12:23:22 AM
opps! my paw slipped that second time

Posted By: Luna 2007/05/07 12:20:44 AM
i like hunting but mom thinks that it is really sad mostly when i kill birds.

Posted By: Luna 2007/05/07 12:20:40 AM
i like hunting but mom thinks that it is really sad mostly when i kill birds.

Posted By: 2007/05/06 07:18:21 PM
And...I used to be BEST FRIENDS with a bird that grandma used to have...Before it accidently got away

Posted By: 2007/05/06 07:17:18 PM
I would much rather roll around on a rodent/bird thtats already dead !!...I'm much to lazy to do the work myself !!

Posted By: 2007/05/06 07:16:03 PM
Nice Catch Diamond !!!...I may be a cat...But I'm actually scared of rodents !!, I hate the outdoors too

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