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Cool Cat

Thursday Jul 05, 2007 02:16:00 PM

Human want me to go outside today, but I elect to stay in so I can use computer and type to you, my furrriends.

She has been out of work for long weekend through Big Boom Day yesterday and keep coming in being very smelly. That bad thing about humans, they can get quite stinky.

Happily, they do usually groom themselves, although why they want to get all wet to do that, I do not understand.

But...when it get very hot, like it has been outside, they do this thing with their skins which they call "sweat". It cools them off, just like panting cools off dogs and Cats.

Dogs and Cats do not do this sweat and Cats, being naturally fascidious beings do not normally get smelly. We also very good at staying in cool places, instead of running around barking like fool dogs, so you do not see us pant much either.

But Cats do get hot just like humans and dogs. There are some ways to stay cool in the heat.

One way is to get human to put ice cubes in your water dish so you have cool water to drink. But you should never eat the ice directly, as this will cause your tongue to freeze and then you cannot pant and cool off. This could cause serious harm to you, including brain damage, so only put the ice cubes in the water dish and then drink the water.

I know we like ice creams too, but you should not get ice creams unless you have otherway to stay cool so that you do not have to pant.

Another way to stay cool is to lay in front of a fan. Fans are very nice contraptions human come up with. Mostly they just blow the hot air around, but laying right in front of the fan is very cool. It nice breeze. So this will help you keep cool.

Staying inside in the "air" is the best way to stay cool of course, but not all Cats and dogs are luck enough to be able to do this.

You can also lay down on cool surfaces, like tile floors or in the sink or the bathtub. Be careful human not turn water on you when you in sink or bathtub. On the tile right in front of toilet is usually very cool place in house to lay.

Many Cats and dogs will not eat as much in the summer either, so if we do not seem hungry, humans should not worry too much. Even though we like to sleep in the sun, we also like to have shady spots to lie down in to help keep us cool. If you outside Cat or dog or know of an outside Cat or dog, make sure their humans give them shady spot and not - especially in case of dog - chain them up in sun with no place to go to cool off.

We still needs exercise in the summer too, but keep play periods short - no more than 15 minutes so as not to overheat yourself or your human.

If you must travel, either by car or plane or some other such non-sensible human way, have your travel scheduled for the mornings or evenings when it is not too hot. It very important too that human does not forget you in that carry cage so make sure to Meow very loudly if they ignoring you.

Make sure you stay cool this summer my furrriends and stay healthy and happy. Purrs to you!

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Posted By: Belle 2007/07/06 02:16:35 AM
No, spike, you never do... It has been hot here in Colorado, too. But we don't get to go outside like the silly dogs so it is no big deal. AC is our friend. Especially with all our fur....

Posted By: Spike 2007/07/06 02:15:15 AM
I haven't had any problems eating this summer.

Posted By: 2007/07/05 04:30:13 PM
Great summer keep cool tips! I like to play in the water:)

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